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Why Your SEO Strategy Is Faltering


If it’s one thing the Miami SEO Bitch understands, it’s how to snag a better placement in search engine results. Considering nearly 90 % ofMiamiSEOWhitehatVSBlackhatjpg-2426873_p9 consumers now use the internet as their primary source to locate products and services, undoubtedly, SEO can have a huge impact on the success of your business. But are you among the percentage of businesses that are successfully climbing that Google ladder, or are you grouped with those still making mistakes?

Good organic SEO improves your page ranking, drives traffic and increases awareness of your brand. Without it, you risk getting lost in the murky world of page two of the rankings or worse. The problem is Google is constantly changing the goalposts; its search algorithm was tweaked around 500 times last year alone. Thus the reason Miami SEO stays knee-deep in updated industry trends.

Seismic Changes to SEO

Last year, Google dramatically altered the rules for SEO. In fact, guidelines that were used more than a year ago are not as important now. Changing the way SEO works is nothing new in the fight for first-page dominance, but now the SEO landscape has been altered.

So what were these dramatic changes that impact every online website? Perhaps the most important were the switch to mobile-first indexing. For years, Google has been reminding us to build for mobile users. Searches made from smart devices had overtaken traditional methods years ago. Last year, Google gave more precedence to mobile-first indexing. Everyone’s SEO strategy should be focused first on mobile because it’s no longer an option to be mobile-friendly.

How Fast Can You Load?

More emphasis has been placed on the speed of websites. It may not seem like a big imposition to you, but Google has always championed the customer experience and website performance will give you a huge SEO boost. Yes, you are being rated on technical performance.

Another important feature Google pushed is voice search, and many experts believe that by 2020, almost 50 % of searches will be performed by voice. We definitely perform searches differently when using our voice. These requests use longer sentences, more natural language patterns, and more longtail keywords. Content should now be optimized for voice searches.

Links Are Still Relevant

You know what’s really disturbing? Many people are giving up on backlinking. It’s still a huge part of SEO because it’s an indication of popularity. Of course, the old days of securing backlinks from anywhere and everywhere is frowned upon, but today’s custom is to secure relevant backlinks that support your content. Users are always on the lookout for useful content, and Google watches to see if you are producing well-researched, shareable content and influencing the masses.


Are you taking advantage of video marketing? Visitors are more likely to buy a product or service when they understand a topic through approachable videos and tutorials. Videos don’t even have to be the highest quality because they offer you a way to increase your site’s conversion rates. Providing a better way to show how your product or service operates provides you with an authoritative voice and builds relationships.

Search Engine Supreme

Many businesses say, what about the other search engines? While Bing is now registering good numbers, thanks to the popularity of Windows 10 devices, and DuckDuckGo has become the search engine for the security conscious, Google’s search engine remains firmly number one in the market, and that isn’t going to change anytime. If you want to stay ahead of the game, keep your eye on SEO for Google.

But how do you remain one step ahead when Google constantly is changing their SEO algorithm? This is one of the reasons businesses require experts like the Miami SEO bitch to guide their optimization strategy. The best way to get to first place, and then remain on top is to rely on an SEO wizard who knows when these Google updates are implemented and explicitly, how they affect individual pages. SEO tactics you employed two or three years ago might not work in today, and that can have wide-reaching
implications for your business. If you’re relying on SEO practitioners you may not reach your goals.

Besides reaching page one, I’m often queried about remaining on the first page of Google. What’s the best way to stay number one? Your website and the changes you implement must be analyzed, and that’s one of the factors that always ignored. Constantly evaluating your site and ongoing testing is key to learning what works and what needs to be changed. Your audience and your SEO strategy will all change over time and if you are not learning and evolving then your competitors will probably move past you.

The world of SEO is constantly changing — Fast — so you need an expert that covers industry trends and offers the best advice to help you attain the number one spot, and firmly remain there.

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