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Enhancing Beauty Expertise

July 16th, 2024 / rockman

Bridget Gigi Goddard and her team at GMS Aesthetic Consulting and Training are dedicated professionals who see aesthetics as more than just a job—it’s a true passion. With two decades of experience under her belt, Goddard has made it a point to continuously expand her knowledge and expertise in aesthetics. This commitment has allowed her to develop a practice that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Client Satisfaction And Continuous Growth 

Goddard’s philosophy revolves around two foundational principles: prioritizing client satisfaction and fostering continuous growth. She views these principles as essential cornerstones of a successful aesthetic practice. Through her dedication to meeting client needs and pursuing ongoing improvement, she ensures that her services continually advance to uphold the highest levels of quality and innovation.

To enhance her clients’ satisfaction, Bridget Goddard has developed a range of techniques that are implemented in her aesthetic training programs. These techniques not only focus on the technical aspects of aesthetics but also emphasize the importance of building strong relationships with clients…

Three training manuals offered by GMS: 

  • Botulinum Toxin Training Manual 
  • Dermal Filler Training Manual 
  • Facial Danger Zones Training Manual 

Goddard does not stop at just three training manuals, her and her team also offers three training courses: 

  • Injectables Training 
  • Laser Training 
  • Growth Solutions 

Within these training manuals and courses, Bridget Gigi Goddard has embedded client satisfaction tips such as….

  • Client Relationship – Hearing Them Out And Meeting Their Needs 
  • Communicating Both Pre And Post Care Expectations

GMS Aesthetics Instagram 

Gigi and her team’s dedication does not go unnoticed. With a growing community of over 10,000 followers on Instagram, GMS has become synonymous with excellence in aesthetic education. The team’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and continuously updating course materials ensured that GMS remained at the forefront of the field.

GMS instagram uses their page to educate their clients and other aspiring aestheticians looking to expand their knowledge on the field. What is so unique is that the technique used by GMS creates a common space where both of these groups can come together and grow their own knowledge on aesthetic procedure. 

This distinctive method fosters a collaborative environment that encourages mutual learning and professional development within the broader aesthetic community. By leveraging their platform in this way, GMS not only educates their clients but also empowers future practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of aesthetics.

For Example: 

Goddard and her team most recently created a post that teaches how Chin filler is used and what it is to be used to do:

The team’s creativity has made a convenient space that anyone is able to take advantage of. 

Continuous Growth 

Fostering continuous growth within the aesthetics field is incredibly important to Bridget Gigi Goddard and her team at GMS. Together she and her team have used tools such as instagram postings to guide their following through an easy and convenient way to continue growing. 

As previously discussed, GMS created their page to be a common space where anyone who takes an interest in aesthetics can learn more. Clients and prospective clients alike can easily educate themselves on various techniques and products, empowering them to make informed decisions. This approach fosters a community where learning is accessible, ensuring that individuals can confidently navigate the nuances of aesthetic practices and treatments.

For Example: 

Imagine yourself never having any aesthetic procedure done before but you would like a subtle lift to your lower face. Since you are new to the practices of aesthetics you most likely do not have any prior knowledge.. But you are in luck!

With the help of GMS instagram you can have a reliable source of information on varies aesthetic procedures and you’ll find that they have a post specifically dedicated to “Where to inject to lift the lower face with botox” 

By utilizing GMS’s Instagram, individuals can access reliable and detailed information essential for understanding different aesthetic procedures. The platform not only educates but also empowers users with specific knowledge that enhances their understanding of effective treatment methods in facial enhancement.

With a wide variety of training courses offered by GMS, you and your team can certainly benefit. Whether you’re looking to enhance specific skills or broaden your knowledge base, GMS provides tailored training solutions to meet your needs.

If you want to take it one step further and continue to expand your own knowledge, contact GMS at any time to find out more about the different forms of training manuals that they offer! Their comprehensive manuals cover a range of topics and are designed to support ongoing learning and development, and will enhance your beauty expertise. 

You can also find them on Instagram.

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